Holiday Open House
Antipasto - marinated fresh mozzarella, olives and artichokes, cured sausage
French bread, rosemary parmesan focaccia
Baked brie, dried cherries, walnuts, gingersnaps, water crackers
Honey smoked salmon, mustard dill sauce, cocktail rye, honeycrisp apple slices
Mini roast beef sandwiches on focaccia, blue cheese, and balsamic onions
Curried chicken salad puffs
Wild mushroom ragout tartlets
Festive cookies
Baby Shower Luncheon
Cheddar pecan wafers
Quiche lorraine
Spring freekah salad with radishes and edamame
Sliced fruit
Carriage and onesie decorated sugar cookies
Mimosas, sparkling strawberry lemonade
Graduation Celebration
Asian beef skewers
Sesame citrus grilled chicken, pineapple salsa
Vegetarian antipasto pasta salad
Caesar salad
Fruit salad
Graduation cake - strawberries and cream
Memorial Reception
Deviled eggs with bacon
Ham biscuits, honey mustard butter
Mini pumpkin muffins with smoked turkey and chutney butter
Chevre pesto tartlets
Cheddar chive mini quiches
Strawberries with honeyed mascarpone
Chocolate crinkle cookies, lemon bites