Continental Breakfast
Bagels with cream cheese
Mini Muffins and Madeleines
Fresh Fruit Salad
Coffee, hot teas, bottled water
Working Lunch
Tomato basil soup
Assorted sandwiches, cut in half
Herbed potato salad
Mini cookies
Holiday Open House
Fresh veggies, rosalita dip, ranch dip
Sliced tenderloin, horseradish cream and soft rolls
Mini pumpkin muffins, smoked turkey, and chutney butter
Roasted potatoes stuffed with cheddar, scallions, and bacon
Cheddar chive quiches
Chocolate truffles
Lemon bites
Casual Supper
West Indies beef stew
Moroccan vegetable ragout
Cardamom rice
Spinach salad, cucumbers, mandarin oranges
Mini cupcakes