Chocolate Eclair 4.29
a classic eclair - light choux pastry, filled with a rich pastry cream and dipped in bittersweet chocolate
Chocolate Amaretto Torte 6.99
decadent chocolate truffle, with a hint of almond liqueur
Peachy Panna Cotta 5.99
Fresh Fruit Tartlet 6.79
fresh fruit, over a pastry cream filling
Eloise Cupcake 2.99
vanilla cake - vanilla filling - vanilla buttercream
Mexican Chocolate Cupcake 2.99
chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, and a hint of cinnamon & chipotle
Chocolate & Vanilla Cupcake 2.99
chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream frosting
Carrot Cupcake 2.99
with golden raisins, walnuts & whipped cream cheese icing